Our Services

Mobile Patrols

QSG Mobile Patrols are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week and can be deployed as required, night or day, to meet 
your security needs.

Our Mobile Patrols provide services such as:

•   Lock down for apartments, office buildings and businesses after hours
•   Gates, windows, doors and machinery checks
•   Alarm and intrusion response for buildings and businesses
•   Monitoring of premises’ entrances, car parks and storage facilities, checking for potential threat of thieves, vandals and 
    unwanted intrusions
•   Response to apartment residents’ noise complaints and disturbances
•   Internal and external inspections of premises

Static Guards

All QSG Security Officers (Static Guards and Mobile Patrols) are fully licensed, trained and dressed in QSG uniforms.

Our Static Guards are available for:

•   Building/premises security and perimeter protection
•   Alarm and intrusion response for buildings and businesses
•   Lock down of apartments and buildings
•   Day and night monitoring of entrance security including broken doors to ensure no unwanted visitors or intrusions
•   Response to residents’ noise complaints and disturbances
•   Concierge services
•   Premises inspections
•   Identification checking and door monitoring for venues and events
•   Private and corporate functions such as weddings, Christmas parties and school formals
•   Public holidays and special events such as New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Australia Day and River Fire 
"Further information on our Security Services is always available via our 24 hour phone number – 0413 617 724"
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